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Leak Detection

Leak detection is the first step in a successful mold remediation or water damage restoration. Identifying and stopping the source of moisture is key. If this step is skipped, you’ll just be wasting your time and money. Frequently, homeowners see water damage but can’t find the source. Keep in mind that water is drawn downward by gravity, along the path of least resistance. This is why a leak can occur in one area but the damage shows up in another. To track the trail of water to its source, we use an Infrared camera which detects infrared energy (heat) to produce a thermal image on the camera screen. I often say it’s similar to an X-ray machine in that we can “see” inside the wall or ceiling without cutting into it. This has been our favorite technology for over 10 years and it’s much better than the old hunt-and-peck method we used to use before IR cameras. We still use moisture meters to measure the moisture content in building materials and corroborate the IR findings, but IR is fast and reliable.

Water Leak Detection.png

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