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Odd Smell

“My house smells funny. Not quite musty, just not right.”

People tell us this all the time. Maybe it smells like wet dirt or cats or you get a chemical smell…once in a while. These are the odd smells customers describe to us on a daily basis. Often one spouse smells it and the other doesn’t.  George to the rescue! He prides himself on finding the source of the strange smell. That may sound odd, but it’s part of the job. Sometimes it’s a water leak but sometimes its furniture or carpet off-gassing. There are many, many causes for strange odors and most of the time it’s not mold. With his 20 years of experience and bag of high-tech tools, he’ll sniff out the cause of that odor and help you get rid of it for good.

Bad Odor.png

Found Mold? Don't Panic, We can Help!

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