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What is SummerizationTM?

If you’ve lived up north you’re probably familiar with winterizing your home. You clean out gutters, drain the hose and outdoor spigots, and maybe put some antifreeze in the lines if you’re leaving town for a while. The point is that you do what you can to prevent water lines from freezing, bursting and causing a mess. Our SummerizationTM program is similar but designed to prevent water damage and mold growth during the intense heat of summer in Florida.

How does SummerizationTM work?

We start with a 32-point mold prevention inspection. In the past 20 years, we’ve seen the same causes of mold over and over again. So, we thought we should share this with our customers! Our 32-point inspection includes infrared thermography which can detect small leaks before they become big problems, usually while you’re away. In addition, we give you a report with pictures of problem areas and offer practical solutions.

Why invest in a mold prevention inspection and SummerizationTM?

For less than the cost of your deductible, you can enjoy peace of mind, protect your investment, and focus on living your life!

Enjoy peace of mind

You probably have a second home because you want to enjoy Florida. Our SummerizationTM program lets you rest easy knowing that we’ve taken every precaution to prevent water damage and mold in your home. When you arrive here, you can thaw out and then do what you love to do!


Protect your investment

Let’s face it, mold remediation isn’t cheap. And often insurance doesn’t cover what you think it will. That sometimes means homeowners must choose between a patch job that doesn’t address the whole problem or paying out of pocket for remediation done right.  The old adage is true: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Live you life

The media has created so much fear with stories of “black toxic mold”. The truth is exposure to mold can cause respiratory and other health problems in some people, but not all people. If you are one of those people who have asthma, COPD, or allergies to mold, then our 32-point inspection and SummerizationTM program can help you focus on living your life rather than worrying about mold.

Call us today at 561-693-8955 or email us to schedule your appointment.


Found Mold? Don't Panic, We can Help!

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